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2 years ago
New Idea

Sub-string search in testcase advanced mode search

Advanced search is not working with sub-string/word, for example, we have a name field with the value " R2R Prepare Withholding Tax return_F1515 - Display [1]".

If ZQL: name ~ "" we get the results listed OK

If ZQL: name ~ "15.15.15" the result list is empty.

It is not always possible to know the whole word in a test case name. Then you can not get the list of test cases you are looking for.

This is more of an error than an enhancement request since in general web-based tools work with sub-string search. In the same way, other search functions in *Zephyr works with sub-string search. Ex in the Admin part, search for a project to the user, and in Dashboard when you search for the project.



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