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2 years ago
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Need edit options for the test steps fields in Zephyr TA System

Hello team,

As advised, I am raising this feature request as part of future enhancement of Zephyr TA System.


User is able to write BDD TC in Zephyr Plugin v1.7.1 & it's reflected to Zephyr v7.10 as well. But there is no way to update TC details in "Test Step" section. All fields are showing as readonly. Thus, unable to update "Expected Results" Or "Test Data" fields in Zephyr TA System. Please make this feature available in Zephyr TA System.


It would be better if we can have a mapping for the following fields while tc is written in Zephyr Plugin & reflected to Zephyr TA System. Also should have update option for these fields in Zephyr TA System.


BDD @Given should be mapped to "Test Steps" in Zephyr TA System

BDD @When should be mapped to "Test Data" in Zephyr TA System

BDD @Then should be mapped to "Expected Results" in Zephyr TA System


Thanks & Regards,

Sukanta Ghorui

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