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improve the triggering of test automation with github-actions

TLDR: As a user I can trigger the test execution manually by pressing the 'E' button. But I also want to trigger it from Github-actions. Therefore I would like Z.E. to automatically append testcases from test executions to the releaseTestScheduleId's parameter in the rest call I use to trigger the execution. Rest call can be found below:

I want to use Z.E. to manage my automated tests and want to use Github-actions to trigger the automated tests that are linked in a test execution. I only want to run the tests that are in the test execution to have full control of testing effort.

In order to trigger test execution PR-001:

from Github-actions we need to implement following Rest-request using the cURL obtained from Z.E.

This will execute the tests that are defined in the test execution based upon the releaseTestScheduleId's. However, this is hardcoded and needs to be updated when adding or removing testscases to the test execution. e.g. if i add a new test to the execution, i need to manually include the releaseTestScheduleId to the testcaseExecutionList in this rest call.

It would be nice if the releaseTestsScheduleId's in the testcaseExecutionList are not needed. It would be easier if i only need a link to the folder that contains the testcases. Or a redirect to this Get request could also give the releaseTestScheduleId's: 

This would mean that only the automated tests are run that are defined in the test execution without the need to manually update the Github-action. As a tester it would simplify testing.

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