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8 months ago
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Add support for Test Scenarios with Variables (e.g. BDD style) for users with Jira Cloud

We have users who have manual test scenarios, where there are steps to be repeated many times, but with different variables inserted and different results checked for, similar to, but more complex than the example below:


Given a user navigates to OurApplication_login_screen
When I enter Username as <username> and Password as <password>
Then the Home_Screen should be displayed
And the text Welcome <friendly_name> should be in the header

|username | password | friendly_name |
|username1 | password_1 | User One |
|username2 | password_2 | User Two |
|username3 | password_3 | User Three |


Apparently Zephyr Enterprise supports tracking these types of scenarios only if customers are using an on-prem version of Jira, but not if using Jira Cloud.

We'd like this capability added/expanded for users of Jira Cloud (as we're NOT going to go back to hosting Jira on-prem!).

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