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xpath selector in visual mode

I would like to be able to use an xpath selector in visual mode and not only in script mode.



Xpath selector is easy to find even for non devloppers ( can find it with chrome devlopper or filezilla just with a righ click on the element we want to target) and it is more understandable for devs than the testcomplete tree for indicatings dom parts.


  • Yes. it would be great if we can xpath too. special when we need to get values relatively (relative xpath)

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    Hi! This will be available in v14.50. 


    TestComplete will automatically recommend a set of XPaths and CSS Selectors for each object 'cross-platform web testing' mode is selected. These will be automatically added to the Namemapping repository during test creation. If a specific selectory does not work, TestComplete will automatically select another suitable selector that works and continue running the test. The benefit of this capability is that your tests will be less flaky and your test maintenance time will be reduced significantly.


    You can add your own custom selectors as well, and also remove the default selectors suggested by TestComplete. 


    Here is a visual representation of how Sectors will be stored in Namemapping. 



    We plan to release this feature mid-July 2020. 


    The proprietary way of using Namemapping without Xpath and CSS Sectors will also be available in the default mode of object recognition.