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10 years ago

When will TestComplete support .NET winform CEF3 (CefSharp) based applications ?



I posted this question before:

Someone from SmartBear told me that it is NOT currently supported.


I'm just wondering if the support of CEF3 is under development and if there is an estimated time of availability.


Details about CefSharp and CEF3 can be found here:


Thank you.




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     Hello AlexKaras,


    I was asking for a specific CEF3 based project called CefSharp.


    In that document you mentioned,

    - under "About Automated Testing of CEF-Based Applications", it only listed CefSharp (CEF1) as supported.

    - under "Known Issues and Limitations", it stated:

        .NET applications created with CefGlue and pre-release CefSharp-3 projects are not supported.


    Can you confirm again that CEF3 CefSharp is supported now by TestComplete?


    Thank you.

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    > Can you confirm again that CEF3 CefSharp is supported now by TestComplete?


    No, unfortunately I can neither confirm nor decline this because I never tried it.

    I would recommend to download TestComplete trial from http://smartbear.com/product/testcomplete/free-trial/ and check with your given application. (I think this to be not a bad idea because if you succeed, then you will likely be not interested of whether the same worked for me or not:) )

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    Hello AlexKaras,


    I downloaded a trial version of TestComplete.

    I tried to create a test for my CefSharp (CEF3) application, which is similar to your "web orders" tutorial. The steps I tried to automate include: navigate to a web site, then login using a user name and a password.

    But I was not able to do it.


    Here's what I did:


    1. Record-and-run:

    - Created a new TestComplete Web project, then recorded the steps: (1) open my CEF app, (2) enter username and password, (3) click login button.

    - Saved, then ran the above test.

    - It failed to repeat the recorded steps.


    2. Check CEF app object using the spy tool:

    - Open my CEF app, with the username and password text fields and the login buton available.

    - Use the Object Spy tool to check my CEF app.

    - The tool was not able to recognize the username and password text fields, nor the login buton.


    See attached screen shot.



    I checked the help files, it does not contain a sample for CEF testing.


    Could you help?


    Thank you,


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    Starting from TestComplete 11.1, we added support for new CEF3 versions:


    CefSharp (CEF1 and CEF3)
    Xilium.CefGlue (CEF3)

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    I'm trying to do the same with WPF CefSHarp based application and i'm getting WPFObject Image instead of real object tree.


    Does TestComplete support WPF CefSharp? Or the fix was only for WinForm?