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2 years ago
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When calling Test Execute from DevOps the results file in the default format from .MHT

When running Test Execute from DevOps it outputs the results in a .MHT file by default, this format as far as I can tell is really no longer supported and this you can't directly view the results in DevOps. Could the default format be changed to .HTML and this it could be viewed in DevOps. You can download the file in .MHT format and configure Edge to read it but that is cumbersome.

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    Hi Support,


    This is a comment from out IT department: 

    MHT is an old insecure format so not widely supported in browsers these days. You should be able to open them in Word , but I would recommend checking if Testcomplete can generate PDF or similar which is more readily supported.


    I tried to open the .MHT file in word but that did not work.


    Please can you change the output format 🙂