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7 years ago
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Use of Custom Script Extensions via Environment Manager/CBT

Script extensions are a very useful feature of TestComplete, allowing end users to create their own custom objects, checkpoints, keyword operations, etc., for use in their automation projects.  We use script extensions in building out large sections of our automation framework, encapsulating functions like ADO SQL queries so that the code is accessible across all projects without needing to include files in every project.


At this time, when running test automation using the Environment Manager interface to CBT, these custom script extensions are not bundled into the project when it is sent to the virtual environment of CBT, meaning that any tests we construct which may use parts of our extensions will be unable to run on CBT.


I would like to see Script Extension support included in the interface to CBT.  Perhaps look at the script extension directories of the TestComplete/TestExecute launch on the local machine, package up any TCX files found in those directories, copy them up to the CBT environment into the TestExecute instance there prior to launching the tests.  This would make using the Environment Manager a more robust solution for testing in multiple browser environments by allowing more customization of code frameworks.


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    I considered using that method to drop in the files.  However, I'm not certain how that would work.  The TCX file needs to either be in the script extensions folder of the instance of TestExecute or in a user designated folder (Tools | Options | Engines | Script Extensions).  That user designated folder won't work because CBT doesn't allow us to alter the TestExecute configuration.  


    To link to the TCX file in the default TestExecute folder and bring that in as an external file in TestComplete MIGHT work... but that seems to be a bit "round the back door" and I'm not certain of the impact.  Additionally, as you point out, it means that we'd have to make sure that our extension folders and such are properly set up to use the default, that our source control of the TCX file points to that folder, etc.  Not sure I want to go that route.  Hopefully, the SmartBear folks can give us something a bit more in this.

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    Robert, I agree with all your comments.

    Also, considering that the custom path to script extension is stored as an absolute path and is configured on the per-user base... I am far not sure now whether it will work at all.

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    tristaanogre Do you use TC 12.30+ ?

    As I understood you use custom path to Script Extensions folder for TestComplete. Could you show us a screenshot of the TestComplete  (Tools | Options | Engines | Script Extensions) page ?

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    In my tests with CBT and Script extensions, I moved my custom extension to the default folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestComplete 12\Bin\Extensions\ScriptExtensions) and attempted to run a test via the Environment manager.  The Script Extension was still not put in place.


    As per an e-mail I got from SmartBear when I asked about this directly, Script Extensions are not currently supported via the Environment Manager but that I should suggest a feature for it... hence this post. :)