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8 years ago
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Updating a parameter on one test should automatically update any calling tests

So we've got a login test the has parameters (started with just UserName and Password). As we add new parameters to the test we have to go find every place that the login test was called and double click the line that calls said test and wait for TestComplete to inform us that the amount of parameters is different, do you want to update?


Of course we want to update! We can't run the test without errors until we update. Even if the new parameter is optional, TestComplete still errors out when calling the test without the new parameter.


I'm even OK if you have to prompt me and make me wait while you traverse through the whole project to find the calls to that updated test. It's still a heck of a lot better than me waiting for the tests to fail (because the errors only happen when the test is called during replay, not during compilation prior to the test run).


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    If you have some properties that apply to your entire test suite, consider making them into Project Variables, so you can just change the values there.

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    soccerjo I think you missed the point. This is about auto-updating the change of the amount of parameters in scripts/keyword tests, or at least some check on that prior to test execution.


    It has IMHO absolutely nothing to do with with variables (project variables)