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9 years ago
New Idea

"Unhide" / "Show" for "Call Stack", "Additional Info", "Picture", and "Performance Counters"

If I "Hide" any of ( "Call Stack", "Additional Info", "Picture", and "Performance Counters" ), I must restore the default dock to get them back.  I did not know this.  I actually had to post in the forum and have an expert inform me about this.  There should just be an option to "Unhide" or "Show" hiddens items and that would put them back where they were at.  This option also should be located in the same right click I did to originally hide the items.  Users should always be able to return to the same spot to fix something that did not want to keep.


As a user I would like an option, in the same general area as "Hide", to "Unhide" or "Show" my hidden items so that I do not have to search other parts of the software in order to bring back hidden options.

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