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28 days ago
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Unable to identify the Objects available in Creo Parametric application

We are validating the TestComplete tool using Creo Parametric application and we are unable to identify the necessary objects for creating and modifying a file. We have created a usecase using Record and Playback option in the Creo application and due  to the Object Identification issue in any of the options, we are unable to add the validation further.

Also, as suggested by SmartBear Customer support team (Case ID: 00588911), we have tried by adding the "Wndclass" objects in the MSAA and UI Automation tool and still, the same issue exists. Also, We have added some Custom Properties related to our module in the Creo Parametric application and it does not contain any "Wndclass" objects.

So, submitting this feature request to provide support for the same.

OTK(Object Toolkit) is the Framework used in our application and the "Creo UI Editor" is the Control Editor used for UI in the same application.

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