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3 years ago
New Idea

Tests Placement



I would like the see the tests organized by default under one folder called 'tests' in a future release of TC


The Execute Plan was moved under its own placement, can tests be moved together by default


  • Events
  • NameMapping
  • Tested Applications
  • Image Repository
  • User Forms
  • etc should not be part of the tests








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    another example of the 2 types of test folders grouped together



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    Lee_M You can easily create a folder named "tests" and drag your whole Keyword Tests folder and your whole Scripts folder under it.  I think you have already done this, but if you are having trouble, please post in the TestComplete forum and we can help you there.  


    Many suggestions from this list are implemented as features, but I am going to guess that this one would not be because it's simple to do as is.