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4 years ago
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TestExecute command line argument for compiling testsuite content

In order to discover TestComplete file issues at build-time instead of at runtime in a CI/CD environment, a command line argument for TestExecute is suggested, like:


testexecute c:\**\*.mds /compileonly /exit


This would cause TestCxecute to find all mds files on c:\, that that each found mds file can be loaded/compiled. If failure, it should return a (new?) non zero exit code.


In this way, we could earlier capture issues like the one below, and other issues as well.

2020-09-10T21:32:45.1706738Z ##[error]DiscoveryMessage : Failed to get a list of tests from the "D:\a\r1\a\XXX_Test\XXXv20.pjs" file due to the following error: Unable to open the project "D:\a\r1\a\\XXX_Test\XXXv20.pjs": The 'D:\a\Users\XXX\Documents\conflict git\XXX_Job.tcKDTest' file does not exist.

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