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6 years ago
New Idea

TestComplete should convert my keystrokes to the coded form as I type them

1. Record a test on a field that contains several keystrokes other than alphanumeric keys, e.g. Ctrl and Shift combinations

2. Say the value of the operation is '[End]$$^a^c[Esc]'

3. Now I would like to add ![Home] to the end of it.

4. I would like to go to the end of value field and press the actual keystroke combinations SHIFT+HOME, and rely on TestComplete to supply the coded form.  So, TestComplete would add ![Home] where I'm focused in the value field and I don't have to remember that bang (explanation point) means Shift.

5. Not sure how you would hi-jack windows to do this. A modal window that can intercept the keystrokes from windows?  Seems like the recording mode would already know how to do it.


Advantage is that I would not have to re-record and get it wrong several times, and I would not have to memorize or lookup seldomly used keystrokes for the TestComplete coded form.

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