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TestComplete Gherkin Autocompletition. Making sure that I don't define 2 steps for the same purpouse

This idea is based on my post: TestComplete Gherkin Autocompletition. Making sure... - SmartBear Community

Thanks to rraghvani for suggest me to create a new idea for this topic. 

Here we go:

We work with BDD in our project. More precisely, we use Gherkin in TestComplete to define, align and automate scenarios.

We want to avoid defining multiple steps for the same purpose because this may rise in unintentionally doubling code. 

Example: Assume, the following steps have the same meaning:

When I type "Hugo" in the field "name"
When I type "Hugo" in field "name"
When I type "Hugo" field "name"
When I type "Hugo" on the field "name"
When I type "Hugo" on "name"

Despite the fact, that you may encounter a situation, in which those sentences means different things. In our case, they don't. 

Simply assume all this steps mean the same: Type something in a field.

Instead of having different variants of the same step, it might be useful to get a hint from TestComplete that such a similar step already exists.

That's why I think, we need some kind of autocompletion for Gherkin.

Thanks for your replys!

Regards, RLRE


PS: VERY important: Please add following Idea Labels to the ideas creation page: BDD Tests, Script Extensions, Script Tests, Test Creation

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