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9 years ago
New Idea

TestComplete Editor

When typing items into the TestComplete editor any items typed or pasted are shown exactly as they was entered., the editor does not convert the upper/lower case of items to match that of the known syntax for that method, property, function, or key word (i.e. If, Call, .zName, etc.). When reviewing code it is better to see known key words, functions, methods, properties, etc. shown with the case sensitivity correct instead of what you type is what you see.


It would be nice if the TestComplete Editor could, once an item is typed, automatically correct the upper/lower case for key words, functions, methods, properties, etc. similar to other programming editors.


For example if  a user typed things in all lower case:

          if aqobject.issupported(objcontrols.child(intchildcounter),"uiname") then

            call ofile.write(vbcrlf)

          end if


The editor would have actually corrected the upper lower case of the items above seen below:


          If aqobject.IsSupported(objcontrols.child(intchildcounter),"uiname") Then

            Call ofile.Write(vbcrlf)

          End If


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