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7 years ago
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test log filtering: "show hierarchy" option

when analyzing a test log in detail, I use the filter function for the item text.

For the hits, then, I have to know, in which context the Detail item is.

To do so, I have to activate the item and then to disable the filter to Show the superordinate Elements.


This has to be done for each hit item, which is annoying, as Setting and removing the filter does take some time for large logs. In Addition, when proceeding a subsequent item, I loose the depiction of the previous item's context.



It would be really helpful to have a filtering Option which would Show/hide the superordinate structure of an item found.


In Addition, it would be really great, in case the superordinate structure is shown, to be able to Show/hide all leaves of a superordinate item on that Level.

Example: The filter Shows item 1.3.8. Now, I'd like to be able to Show/hide on hierarchy Level 2 (".3") the other items 1..7 also, without their substructure.

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