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10 years ago
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Support on Linux and mac environment.

I am using test complete since last four years. I have recently migrated from test complete 8.2 to Test complete 10.

The most missing feature with this tool is that it does not support automation on linux and mac flavour of OS.

It will be good to add support of this tool on linux and mac os.

This will certainly increase demand of this tool in near future.


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    Our application runs on both Mac and Windows. I'd love it if I could use TC for both platforms.

  • We really need TestComplete keyword tests to work with Linux GUIs in addition to Windows GUIs, which they already work with. It would be nice to be able to create one set of keyword tests and be able to run them on our cross platform GUIs, which are created with QT and which run on both Windows and Linux. We would really like to be able to keep using TestComplete to create and run tests and not have to move to another testing tool that supports both Windows and Linux.