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9 years ago
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Support for headless execution of TestExecute



at the moment there seems to be no way to run TestExecute without a UI. As TestExecute supports distributed testing the host where the master project is executed does not need to have a UI for TestExecute.We would really like to see full headless support in TestExcute for distributed testing, unit tests or webservice tests as there is no UI involved at all. A headless mode would support easy integration into multiple build and continuous integration environments.


TestExecute seems to be not very far away from that. We were able to start TestExecute from a Windows service without a desktop environment and even got the complete test result file but the TestComplete process did not finish and kept running indefinitly. Our sample test had a master project with just a NetworkSuite item and the slave project had a simple multiply test on Windows Calculator. The slave test got executed perfectly using automatic RDP login to multiple remote hosts and all tests were successful.




Kay Zumbusch

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