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9 years ago
New Idea

Store Extension settings at project level

This has come up several times in the forum.


TestComplete comes bundled with a LOT of different extensions (60+) to enable it to interact with all the various technologies it's capable of interacting with. Which is great.


However, these appear to come with a performance hit. From version 10 onwards of TC/TE, I have to disable all the ones my tests don't use in order to avoid slowdown. Most projects (mine are mainly web, Delphi and some .NET/C#) only require 6 or 7 of the full suite of extensions enabled to work. The remainder are not required and are switched off.


But, every time you upgrade TC/TE, it switches all the extensions back on again. And I then have to go in and switch them all off again ...


Would it possible to store their settings at project level please so they are stored with the project? Would make much more sense ....

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