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7 years ago
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Spell check in code editor

We used to print the custom logs using Log options. It would be better if we have spell checker in TestComplete code editor.


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    I'm giving this a Kudo because it would be a nice thing to have... but I think there's a bit of a practicality issue.  Because it's "code", there are all sorts of things that will not match a standard dictionary.  Function names, for example, like executeSQLQuery... how will a spell checker handle that?  I think the only way a spell checker makes sense is if it is limited to strings within the code, or, more specifically, strings associated with log methods.  Other than that, I think almost ALL my code will have little read squiggly lines under it as there's a LOT that doesn't show up in the Oxford English Dictionary. :)

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    I think, if we have this option only for strings enclosed with "<string>" would be enough i guess. Also we need to have option to add our custom string into dictionary so that code editor looks good with custom strings

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    It should be optional or configurable. Spell check option only activate when it's configure otherwise it will show our code in red or ask to add all the items in dictionary :)


    I am agree with tristaanogre