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8 years ago
New Idea

shortcut to jump to specific record in dbtable where difference was found during compare from script


in qa we compare data tables a lot.

We use dbtables to create snapshots and later compare them to the data contained in updated versions. When we find differences we often get very long reports with may "contains ... that differs from..." lines.

Then, we manually have to check every record that has differences.


When double clicking in the log, the script file line is shown that triggers the dbtable compare. To get to the line mentioned in the log file, I have to manually open the dbtable and scroll down to the records mentioned in the log file.

This is really stupid work, especially on long database tables. I spend more time looking up the record I want to check rather than comparing the values.


So, if there was a faster way to jump to the specific row in a dbTable that was menioned in the log file would save me lots of time. Since we update data on regulare base this multiplies into a lot of unproductive time.




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