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8 years ago
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Setup Java Bridge using System environment variables




I want to use a Java Class into Test Complete and I went thru this topic


I'm able use this in Test Complete. However, I'm hard-coding the jvm.dll path in Tools > Options >Engine >Java Bridge as like below.



Currently, It is not possible to use System environment variable in the path as below.[Refer here]



It would be great if we have use System environment variable to config the Java Bridge in Test Complete as we running in multiple machines [all machines will not have same version or same path for jvm.dll]


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    We are in very much need of this feature since we started our CI with jenkins. We would like to get this Java Bridge dynamically using System variables.


    If anybody knows any workaround please do share.

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    It's been a while since I've played with the java virtual machine install.  Isn't there a way to tell it to install into a particular directory?  A work around, if this is possible, would be to standardize the installation folder for the JVM across your organization so that the same folder would be referenced no matter what machine you're running on.


    Alternatively... it does seem to be a best practice that, if the JVM is something needed for development, that there is some sort of standardization of version and installation in your organization.  So, while you may be running different versions now, it might be a good idea to pick a "standard" version and make sure everyone has that installed and that the installation process uses a standardized installation path.

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    This feature would also  be very useful for us.
    Our IT-department update periodically all our systems with a newer java-version.
    Unfortunately the path contains the current build-number to the jvm.dll.

    As a consecence our nightly tests fails after an java update.