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8 years ago
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Run multiple selected test items in TE from the command line

Similar, but not the same as, - I require the option to pass a list of tests to run to TE from the command line.


This list could be comma separated with TE iterating through the list. I should need to create a custom-coded application to do this or use a series of batch files.


This is to run specific test items, not just groups i.e. I may want to run five test items from three different groups whether they are marked as enabled or not in the TC project. Editing the TC project to accommodate this should not be necessary.

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    Try this, it may be help you and achieved your requirement partially.


    echo                     TEST SUITE ITEMS

    echo TP001_TestItem1
    echo TP002_TestItem2
    echo TP003_TestItem3
    echo TP004_TestItem4
    echo TP005_TestItem5

    echo **********************************************************************

    set /p "Input = Please select any one suite, from TEST SUITE ITEMS"
    echo %Input %
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestExecute 11\Bin\TestExecute.exe" "C:\XZY Automation\ProjectSuites\XZY_Automation\XZY_Automation.pjs" /r /p:XZY_Automation /u:TP_XZY /rt:%Input % /exit /SilentMode



    Save above code as .bat and run it. it will ask you to select a specific TestItem. when you enter your specific item, TestExecute run it.