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4 years ago
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Request adding CSS Selector to extended properties in Object Browser

Please expand Extended Properties to include CSS Selector (if available). I use CSS Selectors 99% of the time to identify web controls for TC.  Sometimes overlaying web controls make it difficult to determine the exact control needed for inserting text, finding text, Child Count, etc.  Being able to inspect the properties desired and having the CSS information on the same screen would prevent guesswork with 100% accuracy in copying the Selector and promote speed in coding... at least for me.


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    This would be great, I enquired about some strange mapping behaviour I had experienced with the new CSS/Xpath mapping in TC and was basically told, delete all your mapped objects and start a fresh to use the new CSS/Xpath locators reliably.


    Not a great response as this is a huge amount of work, but this suggestion of adding in the CSS or even Xpath to the extended properties would allow me to convert over my existing mappings easily, as currently you cannot remap existing objects to use Xpath/CSS locators, rather than having to delete everything and remap the whole product I am working on and fix all the tests that will break due to these changes.

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    I use CSS Selectors 99% of the time too. it would be useful to disable xpath from automatic registration.