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9 years ago
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Recursive Name Mapping of Child Objects

It would be helpful if there was an option to recursively name map Child Objects from a given object, meaning it would name map all the child objects as well as their children and so on. Similar to the way you can recursively modify files and subfolders from a command line.


There's sometimes a parent object that I know I'll need to map everything (or nearly everything) underneath of. It can be a real pain to have to keep clicking 'Map Child Objects' on each object with children all the way down the hierarchy.



As an example, here's a Win Forms object that has a header as well as a tab group. I need most the objects in this hierarchy name mapped. With the current functionality the fastest way was to do 'Map Child Objects' on all the relevant parents, but it would have been much easier to just do that on the WinFormsObject("teacherNotesCntr") and have it recursively map everything.



  • We already have the Map Child Object which can be used to map all the childs of a mapped parent using a single mapping operaton. Don't i understand your idea in the right way?

  • What I'm getting at is the Map Child Object operation only goes one level below. I want it to map all the way down the hierarchy.


    So for instance if you look at the example image I gave, if I did Map Child Object on WinFormsObject("teacherNotesCntr") it would only map it's direct children, i.e. WinFormsObject("headerGroupBox") and WinFormsObject("tabControl"). What I am proposing is that there would be a recursive option added (maybe just a checkbox the same as it asks if you want to it to automatically name map) that would map all the children and grandchildren objects, i.e. all those objects.

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    I agree with this too, many times you might have many child levels and have to manually map each level one by one, I would like to have an option which will map all child objects for a parent.

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    Is there a solution to this yet? It would be indeed very useful to have a feature like this, I just had the same thought.