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9 years ago
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Query License server for license availability

I'd like to be able to query the license server before attempting to start a job. Many times I go to start a job via a build and it fails due to a lack of a license, I'd like to be able to query for a license before launching Test Complete and fail the job if no license is available.

Ideally PowerShell compatible.


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    I like this idea as well and have run into this problem many times. 


    It would be great if Smartbear added an interface to TC scripting to query this properly.


    However, a workaround is to directly access the license manager page e.g.




    Suck it in through TC and check how many sessions are active. It is a little tricky as if you have TC with Platform, Web and Desktop it will show an entry for each, but it should be easy to extrapolate from this.