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10 years ago
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QT Webkit Control Support Testcomplete

Dear Team,

we have included an Qt5.2 Webkit Browerpage within our Application which loads an Sidebar. This Sidebar contains Web HTML Elements and Javascript Code.

When using the Object Spy Within Testcomplete I can only see:

QtObject("CWebkitWrapper", "", 1)

but not any Webelements like Buttons, Text and other Objects within the QT WebKit Control. This prevents us from accessing all Objects within the control. I've searched the WWW for QT 5.x Support, but can't find any informations if QT/WebKit is supported by TestComplete so far.

We need information about if there is actual an possibility to access these objects within an QT/Webkit control or not.

If not do you plan to support this in near future? Testing this functionality is fundamentional for our new implementation.


(This requests also corresponds to the Case #00089200)