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8 years ago
New Idea

provide save/disregard changes function for project items

On closing TC, You always get this Save changes Dialog.

If You run TE and TC is open, You get a request to update the TC Project when TE has finished the run.

This is also something that is complicating generic changes during tests, see:


I don't want this.


1) I don't want a Project to be classified as changed, just because a new log item was created.


2) For each test Project item, I want to be able to know whether it was changed and then save changes or disregard changes.

3) In case of disregarded changes, no update requests shall occur on other TC instances.


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    1). I agree , this should be an option in TC settings to turn on/off (I think);

    2). You want to see it marked with an asteriks (*) or something I guess?

    3). Agree.


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    about 2): To be more precise: I want to be able to control this by Scripting code