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4 years ago
New Idea

Provide ability to test all XPath / CSS Selectors

As TestComplete provides for the capability to have multiple XPath and CSS selectors for Web Objects.  It would be real helpful to select the Object in the Object Map from the IDE and press a button to verify each selector.   Currently as it stands you have to uncheck and check the ones you want to test one by one.  A very tedious process when there are a few selectors per object.  


Asked SmartBear about this and they said they always create valid XPath and CSS Selectors.  There are two problems with this, the selectors they choose are not useful as some use dynamic class names that are invalid and they use the entire XPath to locate the object which is sensitive to change  We get rid of most of their created selectors and create our own.  Additionally, It does not allow for an easy verification of the objects after there have been changes to the web page.


Also, asked about being able to access the individual selectors programmatically, and they are not accessible either.

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