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4 years ago
New Idea

Property Checkpoint readability

Property Checkpoints are very useful


it would be nice if they could also be more insightful by adding some message text



The property checkpoint passed:contentText Equals (case-insensitive) "HOME".


This is a bit convoluted, could this message be a little more user-friendly and have the option to log custom text

NB: checkpoint passed - the tick is sufficient to convey this message

- possibly differentiating between checkpoint errors and normal errors - red and green check symbol ?




 HOME : [page Title] : contentText (ci)




suggested makeup of checkpoint message


 {test condition} : [customer defined output] : (property tested) (case sensitive)









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    This is good but a long-winded workaround


    my feature request still stands, as this would be very simple to implement and, I think, add much-needed readability and clarity to the log files

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    Definitely agree -- it would be nice if this were shorter. I also think it would be nice to be able to add your own custom message in some situations.

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    the custom message field is exactly what I was suggesting here, would add a little more reliability to the message

    - thanks for the graphics



    this custom message could even have a custom title and custom details (to add more information in the detail tab)