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8 years ago
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Possibility to customize test log summaries


It would be useful to have some options to customize the summaries of the test logs from the projects and the project suites, for showing some extra information about the executed test. This would help to give more useful information at a first glance to the person, who has to analyse the results of a test.


For example the version or build number of a tested software. The added picture shows where we would like to add the extra information in our test application with TestComplete.


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    Good suggestion.. But from where can test complete fetch the version details. In tested apps we only can give the executable path. In our project we wrote function to navigate to help and take snap of version details and log the image. But if comes as in-build option from teat complete it would be great
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    At the moment we are reading out the version number from the file info of our executable file and post the information somewhere in the test log. See also the code snippet below. My idea was to show the build version directly in the test log summary. So it would be directly visible, which version of the software has been tested. Maybe it is possible to create a special "LogToSummary" command for that or something similar. Would be nice.        





    function FileVersionInfo()


      var FileName = "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\CompanyName\\SoftwareName\\Software.exe";

      var VerInfo = aqFileSystem["GetFileInfo"](FileName)["VersionInfo"];


      Log["Message"]("Version & Build: " + VerInfo["FileFullVersion"]);