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7 years ago
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Perform a find directly in the object browser without having to execute your own code

Frequently, I run into problems where my find()/find_child()/find_child_ex()/etc.. calls are finding the wrong objects (sometimes its hard to find uniqueness within the objects you have at your disposal). It would be AMAZING to have a 'finder' tool directly in the object browser that would allow you to pick an object to perform a 'find()' call on, give a form to fill in props and values and it would give you the object (or objects) that it is matching against without having to run any of your own code.


It's good to know right off the bat if your props and values are mapping to the object you expect. I could see it saving me a whole lot of time when developing test scripts.


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    Heck, even just having it in the code editor. Where you write the script and could right click and select, test or something and highlight what it finds on screen.

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    I use the Inspect tool for this. Set a breakpoint on the first line in a procedure, run it and open the Evaluate dialog. Then type the object name along with the desired method and parameters. If the call returns an object value, click Inspect to view the object's members.