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6 years ago
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Pass and receive parameters from Selenium / Java based tests

The current support for selenium as I understand is to just run items and get results.


The problem there is, we don't get complete integration with any tests written on that platform except getting results of pass and fail.


In my case I was writing API tests with RestAssured, I can perhaps trigger the tests, but cannot pass or receive back data from my tests. Our UI automation would help a lot if we could create some pre-req test data using API calls. For that my test data needs to go from within TestComplete and get a response string in case of any failure messages etc.


This is a very crude description, all I'm trying to say there is just too much out there which complex automation systems need these days. It might not be possible to implement them all, would be great if we can have seamless integrations that would make things a lot more scalable.

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    Can you not use CreateRequest Method (aqHttp Objects) aqHttp.CreateRequest to accomplish this inside of Test Complete natively?