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7 years ago
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Need actual Junit reports to be generated and not Just Junit Style reports


Jenkins and Test Complete Integration produces just 'Junit Style Reports' but not the actual 'Junit report'.  Since this is not an actual 'Junit Report', this format is not being accepted while posting the report in our system.


Here are the examples of Junit Style Report and actual Junit Report


Junit Style Report- Result from Jenkins-TestComplete integration:
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<result plugin="junit@1.20">


Actual Junit report:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<testsuites id="20140612_170519" name="New_configuration (14/06/12 17:05:19)" tests="225" failures="1262" time="0.001">
<testsuite id="codereview.cobol.analysisProvider" name="COBOL Code Review" tests="45" failures="17" time="0.001">
<testcase id="codereview.cobol.rules.ProgramIdRule" name="Use a program name that matches the source file name" time="0.001">
<failure message="PROGRAM.cbl:2 Use a program name that matches the source file name" type="WARNING">
WARNING: Use a program name that matches the source file name
Category: COBOL Code Review – Naming Conventions
File: /project/PROGRAM.cbl
Line: 2


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    I'm stuck exactly at the same point.

    You're getting the actual /api/xml results produced by Jenkins. But they're not Junit - style. So you need to parse them.

    Which actually is not that simple. Unfortunately.

    This affects result publishing, Testlink... A real disaster from Smartbear / Testcomplete integration with Jenkins.

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    This new feature would be usefull for me too. Is there any news about it?

  • It is nice to see that this request was 'Selected for Development' but please don't just put the new functionality in a Jenkins plugin, it needs to be available as core functionality from Test Complete and Test Execute. My CI is TeamCity which doesn't even have an integration with Test Complete/Execute, so you'll be doing me no favors if you just add the JUnit XML feature to Jenkins!

  • Yes! You'll be able to export as JUnit right from TestComplete, independent of Jenkins.