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9 years ago
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Method of tracking performance between runs with aqPerformance

Hi all,


Related to my post here:


I would like to add a feature request for tracking performance between test runs and later presenting that in a graph. So this might be adding a function to aqPerformance such as:


aqPerformance.StorePerformanceMetrics(testRunId, data_y, data_x = TimeDate);


The user would define the value range for the x-axis which might default to time/date but could be set by the user to "build 1", "build 2", or an arbitrary string they would manage. Another param would be for the y-value which again might just be time in milliseconds but could also be a percentage of some sort.


Then a performance graph could be generated across various test runs i.e. builds.


Results for the current run could possibly be integrated with the Performance Counters tab in TC.


I will probably end up doing this myself for now by saving values in a db table but having something, even if only basic, in TC out-of-the-box would be helpful.



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