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7 years ago
New Idea

Mask for ImageRepository Images

I understand that Images in the Image Repository should be as specific and exact as possible. However, I used the images in the Stores Regions extensively prior to trying to work with the Image Repository images.
If we/I are able to use masks in the Stores - Regions images, why can't we use masks in the ImageRepository images.

If we/I have an image captured in the Stores - Regions folder, why do I have to copy it to the ImageRepository folder to use it for ImageRepository processing?  It would be 'nice' to have a simpler way to copy an image from Stores - Region to ImageRepository than to right click on the ImageRepository folder, select add existing, and point to the image in the windows file directory.  Wouldn't it be easier to drag and drop from the Stores - Region to the ImageRepository folder?

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