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8 years ago
New Idea

Make Object Browser to navigate to the object using its full name as a string



Sometimes, the test code references and operates with the UI object that is different from the one expected by the test author and the test author needs to find out what UI object is actually referenced by the code.

When I am faced with this problem I use the following set of actions:

-- Set a breakpoint to pause test execution;

-- Get a Full Name of the problematic object using the Evaluate dialog and copy the obtained full name to the notepad;

-- Close Evaluate dialog, switch to the Object Browser and manually, node by node, navigate to the required problematic object using its full name copied to the notepad;

-- Analyze why test code has found exactly this object, plan how to correct this, etc.


It would be really handy if you guys enhance Object Browser so that it is possible to provide it with the full name of some object as a string and command it to drill-down to this object in the objects tree.

This improvement will significantly improve performance and convenience of test code debugging, especially for the web applications with their deep and complex objects structure.


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    Won't the tree button on Object Spy do this for you?



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    No, it will not. If I got right what button you are talking about, this button does exactly opposite thing: it drills-down to the objects tree element of the object that is already selected (highlighted) on the screen.

    In my case, there is some object referenced in code (e.g. as a result of the .Find() function call) and I need to find this object in the objects tree. I don't know where this object is on the screen and thus cannot highlight it. The only thing that I have is object's FullName as a string and it will be really great if the Object Browser in TestComplete can parse provided string and highlight the target object in the objects tree. Then I will be able to use the regular functionality like Highlight On Screen, etc.