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9 years ago
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Make it possible to export from the log the records of only certain type(s)

Based on and a lot of similair questions, why not make it possible to be able to specify (both in UI and code) what log record types to export?

Possible use cases:

-- All record types are not selected - this will export just a log tree. Might be useful to provide a quick overview of the test run result for the management;

-- Only checkpoints are selected - this will export log tree with checkpoints. - Might be useful for some formal document when the evidence of test success is required;

-- All record types except Events are selected - a kind of 'regular' log export that can be sent to QA managers/team members;

-- All record types including Events are selected - this is a 'developers' version of log export intended for detailed investigation by test developers in case of test errors reported during test run.