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9 years ago
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Make a solution based Object Mapping to work on already created projects within the solution

Make a solution based Object Mapping. 


This would work so all projects under the solution would automatic have the Object Mapped, and not like it is now, you will need to do the Object Mapping on each of the different Projects within a solution if you have a need to map a new object in. 


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    Did you tryed to have common mapping file shaired among projects?

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    Hi NisHera,


    That is not posible for Object Mapping.

    You can either continue on the one that is in the project, or you can change the default Object Mapping, and the default will then be used for new Projects that is created in the solution.

    But there isn't a way to do a common Onject Mapping, as you can do with all the other things in the system, like, Name Mapping, Sripts, Keywords and so on.

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    We share the same name mapping across all projects in a suite without issue.