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8 years ago
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Logging publicly which file has a problem during a crash

I had a corrupt file that causes TestComplete to crash upon opening. The error onscreen said there was a problem with the tcKDT.pls module, but in reality one of my tests had a bad non-ASCII character in it that causes TestComplete to crash.


If the onscreen message would have told me where to start looking (in the specific .tcKDTest file) I would have been able to find and fix the corrupt file on my own. I also would not have lost almost 8 full hours of working time for three employees yesterday!

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    Ages ago I asked for access to the error log.  I don't even care if the onscreen message is vague, if you give us access to whatever it is that support is looking at, then we can learn to look for the errors on our own and not have to wait days for a response to a support request.


    I agree that this is very frustrating.