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9 years ago
Community Feedback Requested

Introduce a new Forum Group: Cloud Testing ?



right now we have 3 Product forums: Getting Started, Desktop Testing, and Web Testing.


But, since Cloud computing is becoming more and more populair, and TestComplete needs to support that as well, I would like suggest introducing a new product group: TestComplete Cloud Testing.


Since, issues running TestComplete in cloud environments (Azure, Amazon, Google etc) are specific issues I think there is now not a really good place where these issues (and experiences etc), can be shared and discussed...


What do others think? 


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    Thanks for your suggestion, Mathijs.

    From my understanding, cloud environment shouldn’t bring new tricky situations. If you perform a web testing in, for example, Amazon, you might face the same issues as during usual web testing on desktop. So, I don’t think that we need to split web testers to different forums.

    However, that would be interesting to learn the opinion of other community members. Guys, what do you think?

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    If the cloud environment is configured well, there really should be no significant difference between running TestComplete on a "real" box versus one running in the cloud.  I don't see the need for a whole no forum just for this purpose.


    Now, if someone is trying to implement tests in TestComplete to specifically manipulate applications and services hosted in the cloud where the TestComplete installation is on a local PC box... that's a different story and may require a new forum.  However, I think that would also be on the lines of a feature request for TestComplete since there isn't currently an "out of the box" feature set for that type of test structure.  If such a feature DOES get implemented, then yes, we'd need a new forum.

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    tristaanogre I think you're decontextualizing and apply too much simplification on this, no offence though.

    What about hybrid approaches? Mixtures of local resource usage/ Cloud resource usages.

    For example:

    Populating your cloud hosted app on Azure machine X, with a data driven test framework running on Amazon machine Y, facilicated by local installation of TestComplete combined with instances of TestExecute.


    I've done it, and believe it's easier said than done. It requires specific setup settigns, thinks to think of up front when setting things up, pitfalls to prevent and try-and-error approaches, which do not appear in typical 100% local usage of TestComplete.


    Since Cloud computing in general is implemented in businesses, this will affect tester's availabe architecture of available resources / how to implement frameworks etc, in the future. By implementing a specific group for this approaches on these cloud contexts could be discussed on a more profound level.