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2 months ago
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Increasing the Flexibility of Log Details in TestComplete

Hi Everyone,

Expand the information available in the Call Stack under the Log Details, including adding columns for Script Name, Function Name, User defined Description, and Test Status (Failed/Succeeded/Warning/Not Executed). 

This would provide more comprehensive and detailed information in the log, allowing for better analysis and troubleshooting of test runs. The additional columns in the Call Stack would give users more context and insights into the test execution process, which is crucial for identifying and resolving issues.

By including these new data points in the log, TestComplete users would be able to more easily understand the flow of their tests, identify the source of failures or warnings, and optimize their test suites for improved reliability and efficiency.

When I searched the community page, I found that many users are struggling to find a solution. Some of them are trying to create an HTML format using scripts, which means that the log page does not meet their needs.

Thank you in advance.

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    The information shown in the test results, are they not sufficient enough?

    Since learning TC, I've become familiar with the various logs shown in the test results and in diagnosing and resolving issues.

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    Thank you for your fast response.
    As shown below the function, script file, equation (if an error occured), User defined variables in scripts where a potential error may arise, View image (if error occurs).

    S.NoFunction NameScript NameEquation (if error occurs)User MessageStatusReport
    1LoginFundamental()getCredential(userAccount)"Possibly unsupported explorer"FailView
    2CheckDatesShoppingBox()  Success 
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    Hi Technical Support Team.

    I want to know whether you will take any action regarding this request.

    I got an email from the Customer Care stating that the issue already closed on 20.6.2024.

    Best regards