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9 years ago
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Improvements on the test logs screen

I have some improvements to mention, in the Logs tab of TestComplete:


1. Currently, the Logs only display graphical results of Projects and Project Suits.

If you run keyword tests, script tests, unit tests, etc, no graphs are displayed.

I would like to have graphs on all runned tests, selectable by type (Keyword tests, Script tests, Unit tests).


2. In the grid above currently you cannot filter on test types (Keyword tests, scripts). 

Please include a column to filter on test types. And (if possible) generate the graph according to the selection made.


3. Insert a title above the bar, to clarify what the graphs represents: Project suite runs, Project runs, Keyword tests (if implemented, etc).



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    Update: please also include timestamp below each graph (currently only date is visible, time is displayed when hovering over the graph but this is not printed!)