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11 months ago
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Improve integration beetwen TestAdpater and Azure pipelines / Test Plans

Use a different format than *.MHT for the result logs when test cases are executed using TestAdapter in the Azure pipelines and Azure Test Plans.

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    Hy there i can see your post and i have some suggestion


    1. Test Adapter Configuration: Ensure that your Test Adapter is correctly configured to work with Azure Pipelines and Test Plans. The Test Adapter should be able to run tests and collect relevant test results to be passed to Azure Pipelines.

    2. Automate Test Execution: Integrate your Test Adapter with Azure Pipelines to automate the execution of tests as part of your build and release pipeline. Automating the tests ensures that they are consistently run, MyAARPMedicare Login reducing manual effort and the chance of human errors.

    3. Use Test Plans in Azure DevOps: Create and manage your test plans directly within Azure DevOps Test Plans. This allows you to track test cases, plan test runs, and manage test configurations more efficiently.

    4. Custom Test Reporting: Customize the test reporting in Azure Pipelines to display relevant test information from your Test Adapter. Use custom logging and reporting mechanisms to present the test results in a way that makes sense for your team.

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