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10 years ago
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Implement FindAllAliases() method that functions like .FindAllChildren() one



I would like to ask for the implementation of the FindAllAliases() method that functions like .FindAllChildren() one.

The reason for this request is that Java can provide its security and confirmation windows from either 'javaw' or 'jp2launcher' processes, so it is convenient to create a manemapping that uses conditional mapping by process name and then write test code in the form of Aliases.Java.<whateverMethod> without the necessity to take care of what Java process is started.

Unfortunately, this approach does not work when more that one javaw/jp2launcher processes are started (this may happen if the tested web page contains different Java controls/components). In this case one must get all Java processes via the call to FindAllChildren that neglects that whole idea of namemapping.

The expected use case for the requested method is like this (VBScript pseudocode):

arrJavas = Aliases.FindAllAliases("Java") ' will return an array that contains references to both javaw and jp2launcher processes

For Each oProcess In arrJavas

  If (oProcess.WaitWindow(...).Exists) Then


  End If