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7 years ago
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Have Script Routine identify functions inside of objects

We would love for the ability for keyword tests to have the ability to run functions found inside of objects.

For example: 

var Login = {
  Positive: function(username, password) {
    //Run code here

However, the script routine can not find the Login.Positive function.

It would be extremely useful for us if it could.

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    Another example I have is;

    Within my application I have objects duplicated in multiple locations throughout.  Since I cannot name a class the same thing twice I am forced to predefine the class or postdefine the class with a unique name.

    For example, in multiple locations on our website we have a feature called PrivacyModal. It is the same modal, but acts differently depending on its state and location in the application. 

    Preferably for someone coming from a non-coders perspective, I would like to identify the feature via the page i would be testing it on. So I would drag the object "[page].js" into my keyword test. Then I would presented with actions to perform on that page.

    Currently since I cannot build my scripts this way, I have to organize the scripts a different way. My new method has me creating a folder called [page] with sub classes which are the actions on the page. 

    In the example of logging into the system.

    What I want:

    With an object called PrivacyModal
    - and this object has functions; PrivacyModal.Close, PrivacyModal.Open, PrivacyModal.Toggle
    However since we cannot do this I have to bring everything up one level

    What I have
    Folder called LoginPage

    Class called PrivacyModal.js
    Functions called; Close, Open, Toggle.

    This works, until i get to another page that has that function. we can call it splashpage.js

    since PrivacyModal.js already exsists, we cannot call it that. So i am forced to give it a unique name

    I hope this makes my issue clear.