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9 years ago
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Find and Replace in keyword tests

Make it possible to search in operation names and replace them in keyword tests using wildcards and regular expressions


  • I use a central script library for several projects.

    A function to search for operation names in keyword tests would be extremely helpful for finding script routines in keyword tests, which had to be altered, to update their values.

  • It would also be good if the search would find items in checkpoints with a keyword test as well as operations.

  • Hello,


    Right now, it is possible to search and replace within checkpoint and operation values in the editor. This feature supports both wildcards and regular expressions (Ctrl-H):

    So, is it possible for anyone clarify this request? What exactly functionality you expect to see? It would be great if you provide a good use case for it.


    Thanks in advance!


    Dmitry Nikolaev

    TestComplete Customer Care Team Lead

  • Hi Dmitry,


    >>So, is it possible for anyone clarify this request?

    >>What exactly functionality you expect to see?

    >>It would be great if you provide a good use case for it.


    I just renamed the script file in a project and now had to replace all calls to script functions (run script routine action) manually. Similar thing happens, when I rename functions. I have to update the script calls in all keyword tests manually.


    I am really missing search and replace here!


    Kind regards,

    - Carsten

  • Hi Dmitry_Nikolaev


    I am also trying to refactor my NameMapping, I had several items that did not show up in a Find All search on the Project Suite so I have deleted them but it turns out they were used and were not being returned by the search so now I have to go through all of my tests and correct them. It seems that the Find did not return in the following cases:

    1) When the operation was a WPF Main Menu operation

    2) When the operation was a table checkpoint

    3) For some reason when I did a search for "Aliases.Modelling_UI.HwndSource_SimpleWindow" it returned operations in other projects but none in the project I was refactoring so I deleted, however, it turns out there are 4 operations within the current projects that did not get returned (DateTimeText [Set], Keys and ClickButton). I have since tried researching to make ensure I didn't make a mistake and get the same results.


    Can you confirm if the above issues are bugs or just not supported yet? I believe that if Find All for the Project Suite does not return any results then I should be safe to delete the Name Mapping so I think this feature request is still valid as this is not currently the case.


    EDIT: - it seems that the Find/Replace does not support the finding the 'Item' column so it is not possible to find where an Alias is used. It also does not search within the Stores for the string because my Table checkpoints were not being returned.

  • +1 for this requests.


    It seems, there's no other option to change all object references in the keywordtest OTHER than clicking the '..update keywordtest...' option when making some changes to the name mapping.