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10 years ago
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Feature request: Tolerance level for acceptable differences in image size (in RegionCheckpoint)

I use Region checkpoint to validate UI.
In different browsers, the images in the UI are different in size.
For example:
In IE11 image is 181x884;
In FF36 image is 181x889;
In Chrome41 image is 181x899

therefore the Region checkpoint fails, but the images are (more or less) the same, That is why I need to have tolerance setting (just like PixelTolerance and ColorTolerance), so that I can set a tolerance level for differences in image size.


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    I have just encountered the same issue with my automation testing. A region checkpoint in Chrome/Edge has image size 439 x 82 but in Firefox has image size 440 x 82. The images are identical to the naked eye, but there must be a subtle difference between how it calculates the area of the region in Firefox. A small tolerance level on image size would be brilliant!