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9 years ago
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Custom NameMapping template along with default and manual options.

Currently, TestComplete has a robust automatic NameMapping feature that provides highly accurate NameMapping which can be used over subsequent test runs.


When I use scripting to create my testing scripts, I prefer to do manual NameMapping to make it more robust and immune to minor changes to the application.


I find myself using the same properties for multiple objects in the entire application. It would be great it I would have a facilty to define a custom automatic NameMapping format that will help me create a default NameMapping for the objects that I choose according to the properties I have selected.


e.g. Currently when I want to map an object I am presented with this console:


I would love to be presented a third option (as shown above) where I can define a custom default property list as shown here.



That way whenever I select this option for any subsequent objects, they can have these properties picked for NameMapping. Even though I might have to go and tweak the object name (and possibly a property in rare cases) in the NameMapping editor, I still will be on target for most objects which will be a huge time saver.



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    I thing using NameMapping Template in TestComplete we can define custome format for object, where we can say select object based on our intrest (specified properties)